Bronze is a tiny theme in watch industry in the last couple of years, actually I didn’t like bronze watch before, because it can be oxidized readily. But after wearing the Panerai PAM 382 for decades, I seem to fall in love with all the aging effect which the oxidizing case brings, the entire watch will seem more masculine as time goes by, ahead, Panerai, Zenith and IWC had their bronze models, now I am going to introduce another bronze watch coming from Bell Ross, which isn’t a very popular square brand view in our sector. Having been quiet for a long time, will Bell Ross watches become the focal point again with this new bronze watch?

bronze watch

The big square case is quantified to be 42mm broad, and 42mm in length, although only 11mm thick. This really is an 1:1 case profile from original watch, the case and bezel of this tool watch are made out of bronze material, which is first employed by Bell Ross I believe. These days, on most contemporary timepieces, every hint on the situation makes them not just a timepiece, but as a tool or bracelet in more times. Like this Bell Ross BR03-92 Diver model, the four screws around the case corner, black engravings on the bezel along with bezel lock mark, these particulars decorated this view to be a”machine”. Actually I don’t like the opinion in a square case, for this square 42mm BR, it’s a bit bigger for my small wrist.

Bell Ross watches

The dial and ring add score into the copy watch. High legibility is the largest selling time, hour markers, hours hand and minutes hand are implemented whitened, which not just forms a high contrast with the black background, but also supplies a strong green lume light in all dark situations. The replica comes with a wide aged black leather strap, while I think it is somewhat stiff, not very comfortable to wear, but the mill offers another pair of rubber straps for this opinion, you can change the ring by yourself very convenient.
The replica is currently sold at $358 usd, for bronze watch fans, this cost isn’t competitive. And I think it is much better to buy Panerai PAM 382 simply need to cover dozens of bucks more.